The CVNP passed referendum, so the “Referendum Version” is now formally known as the “Made” CVNP and is the version that ought to be referred to for planning purposes.


The CVNP has passed examination, so can progress to a referendum.

The link below is the version of the plan that will be consulted on at the referendum.


Low Resolution Version, PDF Version: 26MB :  cvnp-referendumversion2lowres

Or – High Resolution Version, PDF Version: Note – this file is 53MB :  cvnp-referendumversion2highres


The following is a link to the examiners report: examiners-report


Click here to see B&NES webpage on CVNP

View our Summary leaflet:

Leaflet - Outside Pages

Leaflet – Outside Pages


Leaflet - Inside Pages

Leaflet – Inside Pages

Download the leaflet: ReferendumLeaflet

What happens next?

  • B&NES will arrange for public referendum within the seven parishes. The Referendum on the Chew Valley Neighbourhood Plan requires a lead time of six week and is expected to take place early 2017.

To see the previous versions of the Plan, see below:

Please click here to get the link to Our Pre-Submission Draft page.

Please click here to get the link to Our Consultation Draft page.

Please click here to get the link to Our Options document page.

Environment (including energy and wildlife)

The Chew Valley is rich in wildlife and history. In the making of our plan we will consider among other things how we may want to protecting and enhancing our natural and historic environment during the life of the plan.

Local Facilities and Recreation (including green spaces)

Schools, doctors, dentists, shops, services, libraries, play areas, sport and leisure facilities. Just some of our local facilities. Among many things we need to establish what is important to the area and then look at the impact of changes. The Parishes in our plan area are all rural communities. We already know that these communities interact with each other and beyond to the larger towns and cities. What policies would help ensure our communities are sustainable for the next 20 years?

Transport (including roads and footpaths)

While this is not a primary planning point, transport is intrinsically linked with development, so even if not included as a policy it may be included as an “aspiration”.

Business and Economy (including broadband)

We obviously have a variety of businesses in the Chew Valley that we wish to see continue thriving, how do you see them interacting and growing in the future?


While the NPPF and the Bath and North east Somerset Core Strategy set some paramerets on development, it is possible to add further definitions on how we as a community want to see development in our Valley.

Management Group

An additional sub-group to ensure that appropriate steps are taken all the way through to engage the community, cross reference groups, start to look at evidence base etc…

Chew Valley Lake

Chew Valley Lake