Chew Valley Neighbourhood Plan will be jointly produced by 7 Parishes that circle the Chew Valley Lake, within the Chew Valley, North East Somerset.

We consider it appropriate and sensible to join together to produce one comprehensive Neighbourhood Plan for the Chew Valley that will reflect the very rural nature of the Parishes and the common planning, transport, employment, educational and environmental needs.

We all value our very beautiful striking and distinctive landscape (some areas are part of the Mendip AONB and some villages have Conservation Areas) eclectically interspersed with historic agricultural and industrial architecture and share aspirations to preserve the visual attractive character of this landscape.

We believe that it is good to develop but it is essential to ensure our neighbourhood develops in a controlled manner that is sympathetic and proportionate to existing settlements, is as sustainable as possible within the locality and is mindful to the specific needs and requirements of a modern rural society.

In addition we hope to ensure that the wider issues and aspirations around the environment, biodiversity, preservation of the historic heritage of the area, growth and development of local businesses and the local economy, rural transport needs and the protection of valued assets are also considered in the making of our Neighbourhood Plan.


  1. Chew Valley Neighbourhood Plan (hereafter called the CVNP) will be undertaken by representatives from a combination of the 7 Chartered Parishes listed in the Chew Valley Neighbourhood Area Application (hereafter called The Area).
    Chew Magna – Chew Stoke – Compton Martin – East Harptree – Hinton Blewett – Ubley and West Harptree
    (hereafter called The Parishes)
  2. A Primary Steering Group (The Steering Group) will oversee the production of the plan, this group will have at least 2 members from each of The Parishes (1 of which must be a Parish Council member to facilitate communication between The Steering Group and that Parish. We will encourage involvement of members from any other interested party (i.e. Business community, Agricultural representative, Environmental group, Young People, teaching profession etc.). All members must live and/or work within one of The Parishes. Meetings will be monthly.
  3. Additional sub groups may be formed that will report into The Steering Group.
  4. Responsibilities of all members of the Steering Group and sub groups:
    • To ensure that the probity of the Group and sub groups and their work is open and transparent.
    • All members of the Steering Group and sub groups must declare any personal interest that may be perceived as being relevant to any decisions or recommendations made by the Steering Group and sub groups. This may include membership of any organisations, ownership of interest in land (directly or indirectly) or a business or indeed any other matter likely to be relevant to the work undertaken by the Steering Committee.
    • To ensure that there is no discrimination in the plan-making process and that it is an inclusive, open and transparent process for all CVNP groups involved in both the local community and those wishing to undertake development or be involved in the process in the Parish.
    • Members of the Steering Committee will treat other members of the Committee with respect and dignity allowing members to air their views without prejudice and interruption.
    • Members of the Steering Committee have a responsibility to act in the best interests of the Neighbourhood Plan area as a whole and to contribute to the preparation of a long- term plan that will enhance the economic, social and environmental interests of the Parish within the Neighbourhood Plan area.
  5. External support will be sought by The Steering Group as needed.
  6. In the event of it being necessary to vote on an item within The Steering Group there will be ONE vote per Parish. It will only be passed if there is a 2/3 (two thirds) majority.
  7. As part of the Neighbourhood Plan consideration will be made as to how best The Plan can be administered by The Parishes after such a time as a successful referendum is held.
  8. One of the roles of The Steering Group will be to apply for grants and to look for further additional funding sources and sponsorship.
  9. Our 3 primary modes of communication will be Parish Magazines/Parish Websites, The Chew Valley Gazette and a new Chew Valley Neighbourhood Plan website.
  10. Our mission statement is above.

 11. The CVNP Steering Groups will also:

  • Acknowledge the provision of the Bribery Act 2010, Section 3.
  • Confirm that we are not dependent upon any one interest group for funding.
  • Ensure that a nominated point of contact is provided to Bath & North East Somerset Council that may be made publicly available.
  • Agendas will be prepared for meetings and the meetings will be minuted.
  • Members of the public may submit statements that relate to issues that are on the agenda for the meeting or any other issues, providing sufficient advance notice is given. These may be submitted to the nominated point of contact.
  • Meetings should be chaired.
  • Any financial contributions will be declared.

12. Acceptance of the Chew Valley Neighbourhood Plan Constitution, its responsibilities and mission statement is binding on all members of the Steering Group and sub groups.

13. The constitution can be revised as necessary.


Agreed 17th March 2014, revised 17th November 2014

Looking over The Chew Valley towards Mendip Hills

Looking over The Chew Valley towards Mendip Hills